“Seminar Marketing” Membership

This membership focuses exclusively on seminar marketing. This option is generally chosen by practices that don’t already have a regular marketing plan in place. It gets them started with the most cost-effective method for attracting large numbers of qualified candidates, fast!

Don’t let your past experiences deter you from testing a seminar system that works! The MAP’s Seminar Marketing System is the best in the industry at attracting a steady stream of qualified cosmetic surgery candidates — on average 30-50 responses from just two ad placements!

What’s Included

Seminar Marketing System

Cosmetic Surgery Marketing System

Seminars are the most cost-effective way to generate lots of new patients quickly. If seminars haven’t worked for you before, you haven’t tried it our way!

The MAP’s turnkey system provides you with all the systems, instructions & coaching you’ll need to conduct highly-profitable seminars. During the beginning of your membership, you’ll take part in weekly coaching calls that will take you through the MAP’s complete system, step-by-step.

You’ll receive a speaker’s handbook on “How to Conduct a Seminar for the Best Results.” In this handbook, you’ll learn that the opening & closing of a seminar are the two most important parts when it comes to making appointments, and you’ll find out how to get people to line up for appointments before they leave the seminar.

You’ll also receive seminar follow-up systems that will help you leverage the number of appointments you make. You’ll use phone scripts and a follow-up letter to schedule additional appointments within 48 hours after the seminar.


Personalized Seminar Campaign

Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Seminar Campaign

The MAP’s Creative Dept. will personalize one of its many effective seminar campaigns for you. We won’t be reinventing the wheel; we’ll start with a campaign that’s already proven to work and personalize it with your practice information. That way, you won’t have to waste money on ineffective advertising!

On average, for every $4,500 spent on advertising, the MAP’s seminar campaigns generate 30-50 reservations (seats filled)! This is an average; response may be higher or lower in your market. Also, this total is too many for one seminar (we don’t recommend more than 40 attendees at a seminar, because your appointment rate will decrease), so this total will be divided into two seminars during the same week.

The MAP’s seminar campaigns include highly-professional print ads, direct mail letters, email campaigns, web & social media ads. These are ads that have been tested and proven to pull like a magnet!


Media Placement

Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Media Recommendations

When & where you run your ads are key to generating a good ROI. The MAP’s Media Dept. will research your local media and negotiate the best rates & placement, so you get the best bang for your advertising dollar!


Seminar Presentations

Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Seminar

The MAP’s seminar presentations are designed to have people lining up for appointments before they leave the seminar! You’ll receive complete Powerpoint presentations — with scripts so you can easily learn them.

You can choose from a variety of seminar topics: Cosmetic Surgery, Bariatric Surgery, Medi-Spa Services, Vein Treatment and Dental Implants, to name a few. These presentations are fully customizable; however, you’ll want to leave the opening & closing intact to generate the most appointments!


Seminar Signs to Lead the Way

Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Seminar Signs

Striking seminar signs will give your audience a good first impression — they’ll also lead people to your seminar room! These 18″ x 24″ signs are meant to be placed on floor easels, and are available for pick-up at your local Fedex Office for a minimal printing fee.


Unlimited Marketing Consultations

Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Coaching

An expert Practice-Building Consultant will be assigned to work with your practice, by phone, and will be available to coach your key staff on any aspect of seminar marketing.